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Fiery irons

Client work. Side projects. Product launches… We’ve got a lot of irons in the fire these days! This is the stuff we love… Cranking out ... Continue Reading →

May 2012: Don’t Break the Chain Goal Calendar

Ready to kick ass on your goals in May? Keep the daily rhythm going with the May chained goals calendar. Fill it out, fold it ... Continue Reading →

No, You Don’t Want to Sell to Consumers

A colleague recently sent me an email concluding an ongoing discussion we were having about product pricing. I was attempting to communicate the importance of ... Continue Reading →

Haml by Default in a New Rails 3.2 App

(UPDATE:┬áDaniel Kehoe, the maintainer of the RailsApps repo, graciously accepted my contribution. I’ve updated the links to point to the master project.) The really short ... Continue Reading →

Tracking Goals: March 2012

  I’m not a productivity guru. I don’t follow the GTD system. I can’t really pomodoro. I lose track of my paper lists. But this ... Continue Reading →

WordPress on Pow: Rack-powered WP

So, you got WordPress running on Heroku already? Congrats! But what if you are primarily a Rails developer like me, and use only Pow for ... Continue Reading →